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Espresso Royale: Breakdown of Beans and Bars

Espresso Royale

Step into the world of Espresso Royale, a renowned coffeehouse enchanting espresso lovers for decades. With a rich history tracing back to the vibrant coffee culture of North Beach, San Francisco, and early Berkeley coffeehouses, Espresso Royale embodies great coffee, inviting ambiance, and warm hospitality. In this blog post, we’ll explore their café locations, exquisite beans, and captivating history that shapes their business. Let’s embark on a journey celebrating the essence of Espresso Royale.

Legacy of Espresso Royale

Steeped in the traditions of early 80s espresso bars, Espresso Royale draws inspiration from iconic establishments like Café Roma, Caffe Trieste, and the “Med” on University Ave in Berkeley. Captivating glassware, meticulously crafted recipes, flavorful roasts, and café designs pay homage to those influential coffeehouses. During these years, the seeds of their philosophy were sown – focusing on people, community, and creating a warm haven for coffee enthusiasts.

Espresso Royale Beans

Crafting the perfect cup of espresso begins with their exceptional bean selection. The 1987 house blend stands as a testament to their dedication to quality. Meticulously designed for full-bodied, colorful, and flavorsome cappuccinos and lattes, each sip delivers delight. Sourced from the finest coffee-growing regions, their beans undergo rigorous testing and roasting, ensuring only the finest flavors reach your cup.

1. House Blend

A dark Italian roast perfect for espresso machines or a simple morning cup of coffee.

2. House Decaf

The same dark Italian roast as our House Blend, but without the caffeine

3. Napoli

Rich tones and a clean finish that you can only get from the birthplace of espresso coffee.

4. Lighthouse

A special three-bean blend that delivers a spectrum of flavors with every cup.

Espresso Royale Locations

Their presence spans the nation, charming cafes in college towns and bustling cities alike. From vibrant Urbana to lively East Lansing, cultural Minneapolis to spirited Madison, and captivating Ann Arbor to historic Athens – each café weaves itself into its community’s fabric. But the evolution doesn’t stop there…

Culture and Purpose

The heartwarming spirit of Espresso Royale gathers a loyal community of coffee lovers. Embracing inclusivity, the company actively involves customers in shaping cafes, products, and future directions. Not just company-driven, but people-driven, reflecting cherished values. This community-driven outlook leads them to explore new avenues, reaching coffee drinkers with cafes on main streets, tourist areas, and shopping districts. The goal is genuine public spaces and walkable towns exuding the welcoming atmosphere of every Café.


Stepping into an Espresso Royale Café means joining a time-honored tradition embracing excellent coffee, delightful ambiance, and a sense of community. From humble beginnings in North Beach and Berkeley to expansion across college towns and beyond, they cherish their commitment to great coffee and warm hospitality. With every sip, you become part of their story, and they become a part of yours. Let your next espresso adventure lead you to an Espresso Royale Café – where history, beans, and community blend in perfect harmony.

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